After 9/11, founder Deborah Greene took a film crew throughout the Northwest. Her goal was to speak with students about their state of mind and how to process their new reality. Many insights arose from this journey, but one young boy’s question shifted her work, “How can I fix what you all can’t fix? World Peace is too big for me.” 

Thus the theory of 3FT of PEACE emerged.

What if we all cultivated our own 3 feet of peace? If we fostered a more peaceful existence personally, we could engage in the world from a different place - ultimately building a worldwide network of individuals working from a place of care and respect... 

And consequently, changing the world.

OUR STATE OF PEACE PROJECT is a documentary series, traveling with filmmakers from around the world asking:  How do we each create a peaceful existence and aren’t we more likely to come to each other in peace if we are experiencing more peace individually?  The "3ft of peace" speaks to our own personal 3ft circumference and the energy we each bring to the world.




Compassion. Tolerance. Unity. These are a few of the concerns we’ve captured while speaking candidly to people around the world. Hear them in their own words…


The Our State of Peace Project has currently filmed over 500 separate Peace Blogs. Filmmakers are joining abroad in London, Pakistan, the Middle East, and at refugee camps in Germany as we speak. LiveaMoment is also scheduled for upcoming events in London, Ireland, Spain, Germany, and Bali - with other places in the works.



Learn more about our philosophy and who we are.