Because sometimes...

you just need a moment.



LiveaMoment was created from the idea that world peace is not too big for all of us - especially when you can see who else is out there in the world feeling the same way you do. In bite size portions, we can shift what’s possible  - and innovate a new way of achieving peace. 


An App to Innovate Peace

The LiveaMoment app is a platform to hit pause, step out of the grind, and connect with others who feel the same way you do.

  • Experience curated moments of peace created by artists from around the world

  • Graph and track your emotions

  • See a map showing global emotions & how you fit in with the bigger picture

  • Set daily reminders to take your moments

  • Share your feelings via social media

  • Activate others to take moments & create global peace



We are a culture of best-self

not self-interest.



We are an innovative start-up with a mindset of "the possible."  A project about the greater good with an eye on achievement.  In creating a business about balance, we create an environment that nurtures it. 

If you are touched, inspired, or curious, please feel free to contact us.


Technology has given us this stunning opportunity to stretch our humanity. Never before has the world seemed so large and so small all at the same time. We have an opportunity right now to shift mindsets. 

Join the Evolution. LiveaMoment with us.



Core Values...



We promote best-self rather than self-interest. Actions come from what’s for the greater good.



We take the woo out of woo woo.



We are all humans. Period.



We are about what's possible. We don’t get caught in the muck. We are focused on our tomorrows.



We are a culture of resources and spirit.



We are the intersection of the strategic and the humble.